Objects of Interest


is one of the oldest, remarkable historical sites of Sri Lanka. Established in the 4th century BC, it stayed important for a thousand years as centre of different singhalese dynasties.

The spectacular field of ruins is part of UNESCO cultural World Heritage.


was a city hidden in a tight jungle. It developed to the second glamorous capital of singhalese empire, after destruction of Anuradhapura. Parakrama Babu I. (1153 - 1186) created the monumental ruins of the fabolous garden city in the 12th century.

Its part of UNERSCO World Heritage.


On a plain, surrounded by woods and lakes, the hughe rock, Sigiriya (200m) rises. Located on its top are the ruins of the fortress of king Kassyapa.

On the side, in a gallery you can see the most famous wallpaintings.

The whole complex is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


Here you can find the largest and best preserved cave temples.


In Town you can visit the most important vegetable market of Sri Lanka.


In the heard of Sri Lanka enclosed by woods and hills you can find Kandy.  Kandy is famous for the Temple of the holy Tooth, Dalada Maligawa. It is the most important religious site of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

A little out of town you will find the botanical Garden of Peradeniya.

Nuwara Eliya

The "City above The clouds" was influenced by english colonists.

You can find golf courses, Victoria Park and a large market.


Nuwara Eliya is surrounded by tea plantations and tea factorys.


Ella is situated in the breathtaking jungle landscape of Uva highlands with its beautiful caves, gorges and waterfalls.

From Ella you can have many unforgetable views of the landscape and Ella Gap. There are nice hiking trails around.


Yala National Park has an area of 1300 km².

A large variety of animals is living here. You can watch elefants, lepards, crocodiles, deer, flamingos, mungos, peacocks, turtles, buffalos, bears....

and a lot of different birds.


Trincomalee is known for its harbour, which is supposed to be the most beautiful natural harbour.


There are also a couple of Hindu Temples of newer age.


badly influenced by the civil war is still reconstructed.

Objects of interest are the Dutch fortress and the archaelogical museum.

The landscape of the peninsula is building a sharp contrast zo other parts of the country.

Adams Peak

is one of the 5 highest mountains of Sri Lanka and is focus of religious pilgrimages. Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems and Christians are visiting Adams Peak. Watching the sunrise on top of the mountain is an unforgettable impression.

At the top is a depression, which is said to be a footprint of Buddha.


the world famous Elephant Orphanage. Wounded or abandoned elephants are being cared for.

Three times a day you can watch them being feeded or

bathing in the river nearby.